Pamela Michelle Photography
Welcome to my page!!  I'm your photographer, Pam!  I'm a St. Louis based portrait photographer.  I have loved photography as long as I can remember, something about being able to freeze that moment in time and be able to look back and somehow it has the power to hold that emotion. I want to help you preserve that feeling again because NO moment happens twice.  Memories in pictures are one of the first things we go to for comfort when we're missing someone, remembering someone, looking back on how life has changed.  They hold your history, tell your story.  Our past shapes our future, and time never stops....but we can freeze a moment to keep forever.  I want to be a part of capturing those moments for you.  I live for things that bring me, my family, my friends, and the amazing people I meet everyday.  Let me create that piece that you hold onto forever and hopefully pass down to the future generations.  Memories that you sit down and tell stories about, the great ones who have already influenced our world today and the ones that will be shaping our future.   
I proudly and lovingly hold the printed pictures from generations before me, I lose time looking back at pictures from the 1800's and yearbooks from the 1940's - I want YOU to be able to pass those down through your family and generations after you get to look back just like we do.
I have been a creative since I was born I think, always trying to find the beauty in the ugly or mundane everyday things, noticing textures and shapes, seeing the voids as part of the whole picture, staring in awe at the sky and nature and all of the amazing colors and in a trance watching the light dance, change, and fade away, every moment a new scene.  Reminding me to take it all in, appreciate everything, always be in awe of our amazing world and the beautiful people in it.  YOU ARE THOSE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE I WANT TO CELEBRATE!! I love taking ANY opportunity to express creativity.  I am more myself when I am creating than any other time - this is my dream.  I was voted Best Sense of Humor by my graduating class (yes, I capitalized that title, I wear it proudly!) I love fun. Period.  I want you to enjoy the experience, not stress out, I am very easygoing, and I want you to love the WHOLE experience. I want to create a collection that makes you feel as excited to see it for the 178th time as it did the first.   
Offering portrait photography to celebrate you. Let me offer you a wonderful photography experience, I want to create a lasting relationship and be YOUR photographer!!   Check out the galleries, please contact me to book your experience!! 
Thank you!