Newborns/Fresh 48
Newborns hold such a special power, their peacefulness and innocence can warm the coldest of hearts, the surprise smiles, the wonder filled eyes, their tiny little features, so precious and new.  We spend hours gazing at our new little ones, trying to remember every detail, the smallness of their hands, the delicacy of their toes, the softness of their cheeks and pure love they radiate.  I will take the time to capture those special tiny details, ones to look back on and remember when it all began.  Fresh 48's taken in the hospital within 48 hours of birth, newborns taken within first 14 days after birth.  Lifestyle and posed in home sessions available as well as in hospital room after birth. 
Please see the Pricing page for info on packages available for maternity, fresh 48, lifestyle newborn and milestone sessions!