From the moment you get the positive test result, you realize life will never be the same.  9 months passes so quickly (and SOOOO slowly at times!) and a new life is here with us!  The ability to create and carry a life is such a blessing, and I believe in showing that off!!  It's a super power! Let me help create a memory of one of the most important times in your life, whether we want to get silly and humorous, ethereal goddess like, everyday lifestyle in our cozy socks and PJ's, or elegant and powerful I want you to remember the feeling you had when you realized you are creating a life.  These are always such cherished memories and important to be able to look back on, showing your little one how much you loved them before you even met. Each pregnancy is unique, whether it's your first or 6th, each one is special and cause for celebration and worthy of capturing to look back on.  We can incorporate spouses, kids, pets, etc.  
Done on location or in an agreed upon outdoor location in the St. Louis area.  Studio space/space rental can be arranged if requested at least 14 days in advance and will carry an additional cost.  (This will be discussed and will vary based on the needs for the session).    

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